Health Systems Brace For 2018 Disruption

Health Systems Brace for 2018 Disruption

  • January 2, 2018

Healthcare Dive's Jeff Byers says value-based care is getting closer scrutiny this year, as large insurers are shifting contracts to value-based arrangements. Cigna, which uses the Health QX analytics platform from Change Healthcare, said it will be using such analysis to guide customers to higher-performing providers. Read the article

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Blockchain Backers Planning Enterprise Rollouts

Blockchain Backers Planning Enterprise Rollouts

  • December 22, 2017

Enterprise Tech says the open-source Hyperledger Project is readying its first blockchain production implementations for the new year. Change Healthcare will be using the distributed ledger technology to help speed claims processing and reimbursements. Read the article

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Onward And Upward For Hyperledger In 2018

Onward and Upward for Hyperledger in 2018

  • December 21, 2017

Hyperledger, the open source collaborative effort created to advance blockchain, says it foresees expansion of the distributed ledger technology in 2018. Hyperledger also reports that Change Healthcare will contribute to that growth when it adds blockchain support for claims processing to its Intelligent Healthcare Network. Read the article

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Actionable Content: A Framework For Better Decision Making

Actionable Content: A Framework for Better Decision Making

  • December 20, 2017

By Nilo Mehrabian and Steve Silverstein Driven by healthcare reform and other changing market dynamics, stakeholders are at last getting down to the business of effecting true transformation. Actionable content—usable information that is understood, adopted, and embedded into workflow—is a critical tool to enable that change. Clinical information or content brings consistency, collaboration, efficiency, and quality to both the delivery of healthcare services and the business of healthcare. In its fully realized form, content is truly intelligent or “actionable.” In other words, it recognizes the context in which it is invoked and automatically delivers specific and relevant guidance to the…

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Blockchain: What It Is And How To Build A Business Case

Blockchain: What It Is and How to Build a Business Case

  • December 11, 2017

By Aaron Symanski, CTO, Change Healthcare As much hype as there is around blockchain and Bitcoin, as an architecture for distributed but trustworthy record-keeping, blockchain could turn out to be under-hyped in the long run. That is why major financial institutions are investigating applications of blockchain, even though it’s best known as a base technology for cryptocurrencies. In addition to financial transactions, blockchain has many other potential applications, such as enabling smart contracts in software rather than written in legalese. However, blockchain business models are still a work in progress. I've been huddling with my team to think about ways…

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Leading The Way: States Driving Value-Based Reimbursement

Leading the Way: States Driving Value-Based Reimbursement

  • December 8, 2017

When the government committed to tying 90% of Medicare payments to value and 50% of payments to alternative payment models by 2018, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services urged other healthcare stakeholders in the same direction. But CMS’s role in payment reform has taken a back seat to innovative efforts occurring at the state level. In this webinar, Lisa Conley, Government Affairs Specialist at Change Healthcare, discusses how she built a state-by-state look at local value-based reimbursement initiatives. Lisa is joined by Brooks Daverman, Director of Health Care Innovation at the Tennessee Division of TennCare, who shares his state’s…

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